The FutureBacks Power Rankings v2.11

The FutureBacks Power Rankings v2.11

Every week we do this, we compare, we contrast, and we find the 30 hottest players in the D'Backs system. On the 4th of July we give you those are making the most of the their chances, can Micah Owings stay #1? Robby Hammock jumps back on with a five homer week. Jaime D'Antona has a 12 game hit streak. Cyle Hankerd continues his USC success.

Note:  Stats are current through Friday June 30, 2006.  This list is not a ranking of the 30 top prospects, but instead of the 30 hottest players in the organization, the ones making the most of their opportunities.  Players with a significant amount of Major League Service time are usually not eligible, though in certain situations (change of position, change of role, recent addition) exceptions may be made.  Agree?  Disagree?  Bored?  Email questions, comments, and concerns to

Rank Last Week Name Team Comment
1 2 Greg Smith Tenn Smith returns to the top spot after another stellar start in Double-A.  Allows six hits and two earned in six innings, picking up yet another win.  In three Double-A starts he's now 2-1 and allowed just one homer in 17 innings pitched.
2 6 Carlos Gonzalez Lan There was much argument about moving Gonzalez, who played only two games this week because of the California/Carolina League All Star Game, this far up the list.  Ultimately the combination of a FuturesGame invite, a 4-9 week that included a double and two RBI, and a 50 point bump in his average this June run him all the way to #2.
3 8 Chris Carter Tuc And those that were arguing against Gonzalez kept shoving these number to the fore:  11-23, two doubles, two homers, five runs scored, and six RBI.  That was Carter's week, as Carter who struggled to start the year, going .280/4/17 through April and May combined, but in June exploding to a .337/9/35 month.
4 1 Micah Owings Tuc Finally, Owings proves he's human.  He allows 10 hits and five earned runs, which drops him to #4 on the FBPR, despite the fact that he has gone at least six innings in all four Triple-A starts, and, oh yeah, he's still won every start he's made at Triple-A, now 4-0 in Tucson.
5 4 Alberto Callaspo Tuc Though you can question Gonzalez moving all the way up to #2, Callaspo has to be the guy who got cheated most this week.  Despite going 9-22 with a double, RBI, four runs scored and a stolen base, he still drops a spot because of the insane Carter and Gonzo.
6 9 Matt Chico Tenn The lefty continues to prove this time he belongs, going 1-0 in a 6.2 innings start, allowing just four hits and one earned run.  In seven Double-A starts Chico has yet to allow more than three earned runs, and has allowed one earned four times.
7 5 Tony Pena Tuc Three appearances, two saves, two hits, and just one earned run, but that one blemish is enough to drop him two spots.  Unfair?  Sure, that was the only earned run he allowed in all of June (13 appearances).
8 11 Ryan Doherty SB Seven feet tall, and towering over the Midwest League.  This week two more scoreless, hitless appearances, striking out three without a walk.  After a tough April Doherty allowed just one earned in May (eight appearances), and just one in June (seven appearances), and has 46 strikeouts in 35 innings pitched this season.
9 7 Carlos Quentin Tuc As trade rumors continue to swirl around the entire Tucson (and former Tucson) outfield Quentin continues to produce results even when the hits aren't there.  Though he collects only six hits in 22 at bats this week, he scores seven runs thanks to four walks, a pair of doubles, and a homer.  Pulled off a .326 average in June.
10 12 Ross Ohlendorf Tenn Despite first having Owings, and now Greg Smith, getting all the headlines, Ohlendorf continues to be the steady center.  this week he wins his only start, going seven shutout innings allowing just four hits.  He's allowed two earned or less in six of his last seven starts.
11 3 Mark Reynolds Lan While Gonzalez parlayed his short week into a big jump, Reynolds took a 2-8, three strikeout week and dropped all the way out of the Top 10, though a return to his utility power ways will certainly jump him right back in.
12 14 Kyler Newby SB One appearance, one inning, one walk, one strikeout, one save.  Since allowing an earned run in each of his first two appearances, Newby has rolled off seven straight appearances (12.2 IP) without allowing a run.
13 10 Chris Rahl Lan Rahl was the only member of the JetHawks to actually play in the Hi-A All Star Game this week, but even with his 1-4, double, and RBI in the All Star Game he was only 2-9 with two doubles and two RBI.
14 18 Jaime D'Antona Tenn The up and down D'Antona was definitely up this past week.  He's riding a 12 game hit streak, and this week was an amazing 12-24 with four doubles, a homer, two RBI and four runs scored.  The only problem is that while the average is up, the production is down, despite hitting just .266 in May, he had 24 RBI and 21 walks, in June he hit .312, but drove in just 7 and walked only six times.
15 15 Mike Bacsik Tuc One appearance, 2.2 innings, just one hit, but unfortunately that was a dinger.  Still, he's 7-0 with a 2.41 ERA and a .219 average against this season.  Even better, he's 3-0 with a 1.69 ERA as a starter, and 4-0 with a 2.88 ERA as a reliever. 
16 13 Doug Slaten Tenn Three appearances, two saves, two hits, but he drops because of three runs allowed, even though only one was earned.  Still the best lefty (pure) reliever in the system.
17 17 Ricardo Sosa SB The hot hitting continues with a 9-30 week that included a double, RBI, and three runs scored.  Hitting .372 this June, but will have to work on patience, zero walks with five strikeouts this week.
18 25 Vince Bongiovanni SB Two appearances, 2.2 innings, two hits and one save.  Three walks, four strikeouts and a .154 average against in the 9th inning, continues to impress no matter where they bring him out of the bullpen.
19 NR Pedro Ciriaco SB White hot start, prolonged slump, and now suddenly he's back on fire, riding a nine game hit streak and going 13-31 with two doubles, a triple, a homer, three RBI and five runs scored.  And this is not a short term thing, he's hit in 19 of his last 20.
20 28 Steven Jackson Tenn Something must be in the water in Tennessee, because despite never getting any run support, Jackson is turning a lot of heads.  Two starts this week, including a complete game, three hit shutout that featured zero walks and a season high eight strikeouts.
21 27 Forrest Cory SB Two more appearances, a win, and his longest outing of the season, four innings of perfect work, striking out three.  His .169 average against this season is stellar, and in June he had one win, one loss, and one save with a 1.38 ERA with a .070 average against.
22 24 Cesar Nicolas Lan Another JetHawk with a short week, but his week was a good one, going 4-8 with a double, run, and RBI, carrying on his seven game hit streak. 
23 NR Cody Evans SB The big right hander had two starts, won one, and pulled a no decision on the other after allowing just seven hits and one run in 16 innings.  In his last four starts (27 innings) he has allowed just four earned runs, and walked five while striking out 20.
24 16 Andrew Fie Miss Fie started hot and though he's cooled some, he's certainly not cold, hitting in nine of his first 11 pro games.  This week he goes 6-27, scoring three runs after two doubles and four walks, but he did strike out 10 times.  Not unusual for a youngster, but something that will have to be addressed.
25 22 Adam Bass Tuc One start, a no decision, six innings, and five hits.  His three runs was solid, and a nice bounce back start after his last (seven earned), his numbers at Tucson continue to improve on the numbers from Tennessee.
26 NR Robby Hammock Tuc The best week of the system comes from the ever improving Hammock.  The catcher, who is gaining strength and durability by the week following shoulder surgery, was 9-21 with a double, five home runs, eight RBI and seven runs scored.  While the week was dominant, the month wasn't, more than half his homers and runs scored, and nearly half his RBI came this week.
27 21 Donald Julio SB Two appearances, four innings pitched, two hits, one earned run.  Not dominating as he was earlier in the season, but solid and throwing strikes.  Despite five strikeouts he didn't walk a single batter this week.
28 NR Gerardo Parra Miss A 19 year old lefty with a strong arm and developing power, Parra made his first mark this week with an 8-28 week that included three runs, three stolen bases in three tries, and nine RBI without a single extra base hit.
29 19 Jerry Gil Tenn A whole week of center field for Gil, and a whole week of not hitting.  Just 2-18 with a double, a run, and a single RBI.  Two walks, five strikeouts and a batting average spiraling downward from May, where he ht .297, and June, where he hit .225
30 23 Stephen Drew Tuc After hitting .340 in April, .279 in May, he's now hitting .224 in June.  This week he hit his only homer of the month, one of just six hits in 31 at bats.  In June Drew grounded into more double plays than he had homers in May and June combined.

On the Cusp:

Cyle Hankerd (Yakima):  The USC grad and third round pick of the D'Backs this year, Hankerd gets off to a hot start, going 11-27 with three doubles, a RBI and four runs scored.  Shows a decent eye as well, drawing two walks on the week.

Alberto Gonzalez (Tennessee):  The best defensive shortstop in the entire system has started hitting the ball as well.  He goes 9-20 this week with a homer, four runs and four RBI, drawing three walks as well.  Each month he's gotten more comfortable, after skipping Hi-A and going straight from South Bend (last year) to Tennessee.  In April he hit just .156, May was good for .266, and June was .296.

Will Crouch (South Bend):  Though he had just 22 hits in the entire month, 10 of those came this week alone, in just 22 at bats.  A pair of doubles, a homer, two RBI and six runs scored, along with four walks put him right on the edge of the FBPR.

Phil Avlas (Tennessee):  Playing both corner outfield slots, as well a catcher, Avlas is relishing the opportunity to get consistent at bats.  He goes 8-17 with two doubles, a homer, two RBI, and four runs scored.  He's extended his hitting streak to nine games, stolen a base, and drew a walk.

Falling Off:

Matt Oxendine (Missoula):  After the hot start he is just 4-25 this week, with a double, two RBI and four runs scored.  Though he did steal two bases lots of hot weeks drop him off after just one.

Anthony Cupps (South Bend):  One start, seven innings, six hits and five runs (four earned).  He takes the loss, his first of the month, and despite a .235 average against this month still slips off the list.

Jeff Bajenaru (Tucson):  Two appearances, four innings pitched, one hit, one earned run, but Bajenaru lost his closer's job in Tucson, has been passed over several times for promotions to the big league club and walked three more this week in the four innings he pitched, bringing the total to 12 walks in 18.1 innings.  Not what you're looking for out of a late inning reliever.

Jesus Cota (Tennessee):  This prospect, who is likely mid way through his last chance in the organization, was going to have to stay hot to stay on the list, but after just a 4-22 week with a double, RBI and two runs.  Though his .304/2/11 June was solid, as a first baseman Cota's going to have to show power to stick around. Recommended Stories

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