Mark Your Mondays v1.8: Kings of Rehab

"He's a Philly fan?" This week in Mark Your Mondays Mark Romanczuk talks about a good week of rehab, and the people who help him have a good week of rehab. Very interesting stuff, very dedicated people...and all anyone around the FutureBacks offices has been able to say is, "He's a Philly fan?"

This past week was very productive on the rehab front. I continued my intense workout regimen and made strides in my throwing program. On Saturday, I felt that I was finally letting the ball loose for the first time since I began throwing. I think it is very common (and expected) that pitchers hold back when they begin throwing post-surgery. Of course, there exists some apprehension when a pitcher picks up a baseball for the first time in months, especially after an operation. However, I felt that the ball was coming out of my hand free and easy on Saturday and that's definitely a positive indication that I am making progress. In fact, I almost wanted to ask our head trainer if I could hop up on the mound and throw a few, but I'm sure he would have laughed at me. All of us rehabbers understand that it's a process and a long process at that.
One of the most important aspects of this rehab process is a dedicated staff that devotes much time and effort to helping us along the way. Our head trainer Greg Latta, our head strength and conditioning coach Brett McCabe, and our rehab coordinator Ed Vosberg have been invaluable resources these past few months. It's obviously imperative that I come prepared to work hard each and every day since my career is in my hands, but it amazes me how much enthusiasm and effort these three guys display on a daily basis. They are always willing to go the extra mile in order to help any of us along the road to recovery.
Latta is constantly on the move all day, whether it be stretching guys out, demonstrating how to perform particular strengthening exercises, or even playing catch with us rehabbers. He's always helping us in every way that he can. I think his greatest asset is his 23 years of experience working with rehabbers. He's seen and heard everything so it's always comforting to talk to him about the process and what to expect.
Brett is always willing to work with me on extra core strengthening drills or lower body lifting (right now I am restricted to very limited upper body lifting). He takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning, so he's always teaching us the latest and most effective ways to stay in tip-top shape. Vos brings 20 years of professional baseball experience to the table (14 of those in the big-leagues [and a couple years with my beloved Phillies]). It's so helpful for me to pick his brain about anything and everything related to pitching, especially since he was a left-handed pitcher. I can't even begin to describe how much he has helped me with the mental side of pitching (like how to approach hitters, how to effectively utilize a two-seam fastball, what to look for in scouting reports, etc.). I can't wait until I can put some of that knowledge to use. Also, it's fun to ask him about players that I watched growing up with whom he has played, and his stories about his time in the big-leagues are always entertaining.
I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully I will continue to make progress this week in rehab. See you next Monday. Recommended Stories

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