The FutureBacks Interview: Micah Owings

Owings was back in the Green Saturday

They say you can't go home again, but frankly, they are wrong. FutureBacks caught up with the Diamondbacks 2005 third round pick, Micah Owings, as he headed back to Tulane for their annual Alumni Game.

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FutureBacks caught up with Micah Owings while he was on his way to New Orleans.  Micah was going to play in the Tulane Alumni game scheduled for Saturday, February 4th. 

ITI:  Who's going to be at the Alumni game from your College World Series run last year?  

Micah Owings:  Most of the guys, I heard, are going to be back.  Along with Tommy Manzella, who signed with the Astros in the third round, there'll be Brian Bogusevic, who signed with the Astros in the first round.  I know both of those guys are going to be there, and then a bunch of the other guys that are in pro ball: James Jurries, with the Braves in Triple-A, Michael Aubrey, a bunch of those guys.  They were here last year, so I think they're coming back down this year. 

ITI: Have you kept in touch with any of those guys? 

Micah Owings:  Yeah, I've talked to Bogie, and probably most of the guys from the team last year that signed, as well as some of the younger guys that are still on the team. 

ITII know that you and Boguscevic were both used in the bullpen last year, and that you had a lot of success in that role.  Do you envision yourself as a starter, reliever, or a hitter?   

Micah Owings:  Basically, whatever they assign me to do, I'm ready to do.  I think they're going to put me back in a starting role this year – try to eat up some innings now that I've got a little rest for my arm.  I think that's the plan: to get back into the starting rotation. 

ITI: Is there any chance of you starting at Double-A? 

Micah Owings: I think it's going to depend on spring training.  I haven't talked to the Diamondbacks that much about it lately.  That'd be nice, but I know we have some great arms in the organization, so I don't think they're going to rush me; Just make sure that I'm going to get enough innings and get well-adjusted to pro ball. 

ITI: Are there any arms in the organization that you've seen that you think are guys that we should really watch out for? 

Micah Owings:  I think Garrett Mock, obviously, he was at Lancaster.  He threw great when I was out there.  Also, Matt Chico; he's left handed.  Those are two of the guys that I know just because they were on our team out there.  Those are just the main two that come to mind right off the top of my head. 

ITI:  I also understand that you're good friends with Stephen Drew. 

Micah Owings: I was roommates with him out in Lancaster for his stint there, before he got called up to Double-A.  I guess around Thanksgiving, when I got home, he just got married, and I went down to see him.  He might already be out there at spring training now; he might have reported a little bit earlier.  I'm looking forward to getting out there and hanging out with him too. 

ITI:  Is his defense as good as everyone says? 

Micah Owings: He's solid, real solid, and from a hitter's standpoint, he's got that power that a lot of shortstops don't have.   

ITI: Tell us a little about your repertoire. 

Micah Owings: Two different fastballs, progressive changeup, and slider.  That's what I got! 

ITI:  Which do you consider your out pitch, or are they all basically at the same level? 

Micah Owings: I feel pretty confident in all three.  I can't really single-handedly say, "This one is my out pitch."  But I feel confident in all three of them. 

ITI:  Do you think about getting a lot of strikeouts, or does that just come with the territory, and you're trying to get people out in any way possible? 

Micah Owings:  I think I've been known to be a power pitcher, so I go right at guys.  Of course I try to throw to their weaknesses, but I also try to keep in mind to use my strengths.  But I'm not afraid to go right at guys and see what happens.  A lot of the times, I just miss (laughs)

ITI:  Is there any particular type of hitter that gives you trouble?  Slap hitter; pull hitter, anything like that? 

Micah Owings:  Not really, that's another thing that's never really come to mind.   I guess I take each one differently when they come to the plate, after we of course get their scouting reports.  Like I said, I stay within my strengths, but also hit a hitter's weakness.  Slap hitters probably would tend to give me a little more trouble because they might stay inside the ball a little bit more, as opposed to power guys who might be coming off some of my pitches.  

ITI:  Does it give you an advantage as a pitcher, knowing what the mentality is as a hitter? 

Micah Owings: I think it does, but I always take both separately, too.  I think that there are a couple of advantages during the year, but for the most part, you've got to take each one separately. Recommended Stories

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