D'Backs Feedback

D'Backs Feedback

The emails were coming fast and furious this week. Diamondbacks nation is talking, and FutureBacks.com is listening.

Responding to Chad Jones' 5 the hard way: An optimist's view of 2005

I am an avid A's and Diamondbacks fan, and as anybody who watches baseball knows, both these teams underwent some major changes this season.  This begs the question, will 2005 be a big year or a big disappointment? 

Considering how poor of a record the D'Backs complied (and personally I think their team was better than their record), one might think they can get only better, but honestly I am very scared. Not only for this year, but for the next 5 years. 

Instead of investing in their future it seems they have instead made PR moves, building a team that on paper may complete for the NL West, but only because it is a weak division.  They gutted the heart and soul of the team and got over priced, aging talent in return.

Everyone loves a winner, and with some luck and Depends, there may be even play off talk (about how quickly they will kicked out of the first round), but there is more to baseball than just wins.  Ask any Mark Grace fan prior to his stay with the D'Backs.  But now, if the team chemistry fails and they repeat their under performance they are mostly just a collection of people wearing the same uniform, not the team that fans have come to know and love.  So, will this year be a big year or big disappointment?  Well, in my eyes, it has already been the latter for one team.  At least I still have hope in Billy Beane's magic.


Rohnert Park, CA  

Somebody was a little miffed at Thomas Fitzgerald, and there wasn't even a Fists of Fitz last week!

I have to be honest, I'm starting to feel like a Howard Stern fan.  Where the hell was last week's 'Fists of Fitz'?  Thomas Fitzgerald rarely knows what he's talking about, but I've found my Saturday's are a lot more fun when I wake up, turn on my computer, and find whatever piece of garbage that Front Runner has spit out this week.  Here's hoping he hasn't turned tail like the Yankee fans normally do.


San Diego, CA

And Graham is proving to be a loyal reader, though he seems to have even less faith than Chad Jones:  Giving Them What They Want

The only thing worse that what you wrote was the fact that your are right.  Your last (meaningful) line pegged it:  "Good Talent in, Bad Talent out. As usual, Arizona's got it backwards."


Rohnert Park, CA

They say a picture says a thousand words, we got about 50 for Diamondbacks Spring Training Photo Gallery

THANK YOU!!!  I know the dates, I know that Spring Training has started, I can look at the two or three pics in the Arizona Republic, but there is nothing quite like getting those first few shots of the players, in uniform, stretching and throwing and hitting.  BASEBALL IS BACK!!!  It's the best time of the year.


Peoria, AZ

If you thought reading Prospect Interview: Garrett Mock (Part 1) was fun, imagine actually talking to this kid.

This is exactly the type of pitcher the Diamondbacks have never been able to groom in their own system.  Brandon Webb is a nice pitcher, but what the Diamondbacks need is a guy who wants the ball, who isn't looking for the trainers room and the disabled list after each start, a guy who can pitch through pain, through a tough season, through adversity.  I'm looking forward to seeing Mock's career unfold.  Keep throwing Garrett, we need you at the BOB sooner than later!


Casa Grande, AZ

And at least one of you thinks writing into online magazines like FutureBacks.com is pretty stupid, and to prove it they...wrote into an online magazine like FutureBacks.com?

What is wrong with you people?  Don't you have anything better to do than write into stupid Diamondbacks rags that really don't know what they are talking about?  I'm looking forward to the upcoming season in El Paso [Editor's note: the upcoming season in El Paso should certainly be good, but not for those looking to follow Diamondbacks prospects, since the D'Backs Double-A team has moved to Tennessee] and I'm going to try to go to as many games as I can, but why waste your time writing into a dumb website when you could actually be at the games?  You people need to get lives.

Name withheld by request

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