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<i>Could Burnitz be next?</i>

The staff at is just like the rest of you. We're excited. We're giddy. The Diamondbacks have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run that reminds us of the one Richie Sexson hit off the center field scoreboard. You know what the best thing is? We don't even feel bad about mentioning Sexson's name. Enjoy Seattle Richie, in this <b>FREE PREVIEW OF PREMIUM CONTENT</B> Managing Editor James Renwick thinks this season might just be a whole lot of fun to watch.

Productive?  It was downright scary.

When the Diamondbacks went into the Winter Meetings most of baseball thought their primary concern would be finding a new home their one marketable veteran commodity.  When they left they had been arguably the most active team in the league.  While most felt it would be addition by subtraction for the D'Backs, it was multiplication by free agency.

Troy Glaus was a shock.

Russ Ortiz was full on electrocution.

The rest of the deals might have seemed minor, Royce Clayton, Craig Counsell and Kelly Stinnett are not marquee names, but what they do is fill holes, big holes, at least for the time being.

The Diamondbacks were going to be young, now they'll be a veteran team with some young, developing players.  It looked for awhile like Alex Cintron would be the wise old sage on opening day.  Now it looks like the Ken Kendrick might win Executive of the Year, and Randy Johnson might be hanging around September.


Yeah, I said it.  The Diamondbacks might just make the playoffs this year.  Rumor has it the Tim Hudson to the Dodgers deal is dead.  Yes, the Padres and Dodgers will be good, but with Jeromy Burnitz and Shawn Estes still scheduled to meet with the Diamondbacks, and much of Arizona finally believing we might sign them, so will the D'Backs.

Friends and neighbors, children of all ages, the Diamondbacks are built to compete.  They might not be World Series contenders, but then again, they might.

Seriously, if Burnitz and Estes signed, why not?  Even if Luis Terrero is your starting centerfielder.  Even if your #5 starter went 0 for everything last year.  Even if your closer is in his first full season.  The Diamondbacks are built to compete. 

There's precedent you know.  Sure, it's in the NFL, but there's precedent.  Teams go from worst to first.  :Teams get better.

Let's get something straight.  This is not a prediction, this is not a guarantee.  But it is awfully fun to think about isn't it? 

We all assumed the D'Backs were going to put their tail between their legs.  We all assumed there could be as many as six starters in their first or second season of service.  We all assumed, and we were wrong.  So let's go the other way.

What if they did it all?  What if they got everybody?

Glaus, Ortiz, Counsell, Clayton, Burnitz and Estes.  Oh yeah, and we're going to keep Randy too.  Hmmm.

A 3/4/5 that went Gonzo, Glaus, and Burnitz.

Craig Counsell at second base hitting leadoff.

Kelly Stinnett sitting on the bench, reminding still-eligible-for-rookie-of-the-year catchers Koyie Hill and Chris Snyder that Randy will throw what he wants but Brandon Webb needs to be told not to overthrow.

Not a shred of pressure on Edgar Gonzalez.

Marland Williams entering the game in the seventh, and stealing the sure-for-the-gap double that would have put the tying run in scoring position.

Watching NL West hitter's head's spin when one night they get Randy's ankle breaking slider, and two nights later get Estes' sun dial racing curve.

Hmmm.  This could be fun. Recommended Stories

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