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Lyle looks better as a Brewer

In our newest installment of around the office chatter Ben Bak and James Renwick (these two are always arguing) discuss the Sexson deal, did the D'Backs overypay? Will it hurt the team for a long time to come? Is Lyle Overbay the next...Richie Sexson?

James Renwick: Let's take on the Richie Sexson trade. It was a huge deal in the off season, it was a deal that was very warmly embraced by Diamondback fans.

Ben Bak: Yes.

JR: He's had the surgery. His season is done. Okay. Richie Sexson had 90 at bats, 20 runs scored, 9 home runs, 23 RBI's, a 233 batting average--

BB: Ooh

JR: Ooh, but he had 14 walks, for a .337 on base percentage.

BB: That's horrible! A 337 on base. That's just horrible.

JR: For a slugger…

BB: How many strike-outs did he have?

JR: 21.

BB: For Pete's sake.

JR: Now, they gave up--

BB: A ton of people…

JR: A lot of people. We'll start with Chris Capuano.

BB: He's the throw away on the deal.

JR: Well, he's a young pitcher, a lot of people think he has a good arm, out of Duke, smart guy. A lot of people have said he's a poor man's Greg Maddux.

BB: 4 starts, 17 innings pitched. He's only gone 4 innings to start--

JR: 4 ½, something like that. He got shelled a couple of times, he had at least one really good outing--

BB: 16 strike out in 17 innings is good. 8 ½ K's per 9 innings, that's pretty solid.

JR: 7 walks--

BB: in 17 innings pitched. He's got a good K to walk ratio. One win, two losses, he's a project at best.

JR: Ok…next we have Craig Counsel. Fan favorite in Arizona, a spark-plug kind of player, numbers are never gonna show what he does--

BB: He should be the bench player of the year.

JR: For the record, through 155 at bats, and he's hitting 245. He's got 1 HR, 25 runs scored. 9 RBI's. Next…

JR: We go to Junior Spivey

BB: Here's the thing is…

JR: Was the hottest prospect in the Diamondbacks organization--

BB: There were two guys at second base in this category three years ago. Alfonso Soriano, and Junior Spivey. Now Alfonso is better, but these are guys that steal, play defense, play for power. Hit first, hit 3rd, hit 4th, whatever you want, and two years ago some said Spivey had a higher ceiling than Soriano.

JR: Yup

BB: Okay. Now the Yankees traded Alfonso Soriano. They got the best player in the game for him, Alex Rodriguez. The Diamondbacks shipped this guy who was so highly touted with one of their best bench club house guys in Counsel, and the best first base prospect in the system (see the next section about Lyle Overbay). I know Spivey hasn't put up the numbers yet, but I think he will!

BB: Playing in Milwaukee.

JR: Yeah, playing in Milwaukee, for a fifth of the year. A highly touted guy, a guy who people look to in the future to be a very, very good player. Then we get to Ly--

BB: Lyle Overbay…the surprise of this whole package

JR: Yes, perhaps the surprise of all of major league baseball.

BB: Well, that would be Paul Wilson in Cincinnati, give me the numbers,

JR: Through 227 at bats, .339 average, seven dongs, 46 RBIs, a .404 on base percentage. When the Diamondbacks brought Grace down here they claimed there were two reasons. The first was for his experience and leadership, the second was, at the time, to mentor Durazo--

BB: yup

JR: Who they promptly moved to Oakland, because they said ‘We have such high hopes for Lyle Overbay'.

BB: Who sucked in Arizona.

JR: Did not light the world on fire his rookie year. In his minimal at bats—you should have the stats for what he did last year--

BB: Batting for 2003; 86 games, 254 at bats. Hit 276!

JR: Half the season, he hit 276--

BB: 4 homers, 28 RBI's

JR: Didn't put up the power numbers you'd like out of a corner infielder.

BB: But has a 365 on base percentage

JR: 365 on base percentage. Had a 22 game hitting streak

JR: So he's got power, not the power of a Sexon

BB: Yeah, but more power than Sexson is showing right now.

JR: A little bit, you know, I don't think he's ever gonna be a guy who can hit 50--

BB: No

JR: But I think he's gonna develop into a guy who can hit 25 or 30 every year

BB: He's your perfect 5 hitter. He's a lefty, showed more patience this year, and compared to Mr. Sexson—Richie Sexson making 8.75 million this year. Overbay? 326 thousand! Now, with that money alone, the Diamondbacks could have kept Curt Shilling, gone out and signed anybody, a starter, Bartolo Colon!

JR: Signed any starter they wanted.

BB: yeah, pretty much

JR: Yeah, but when you've got Randy and Shilling, and then Webb being your third, you don't need to get a Bartolo Colon, you can go out and get an Aaron Sele, and be very happy with him as your fourth starter.

BB: And argue that you have the best staff in the West

JR: Yes. Obviously, looking at it now, it's a bad deal. Was it a bad deal when the Diamondbacks made it?

BB: No, not at the time.

JR: Really? Even with all that talent that they were giving away?

BB: Well, no the young talent—I mean, Capuano?

JR: Pitching is pitching--

BB: yeah, you've gotta have it--

JR: And you can never have too much of it.

JR: That's what we're talking about, obviously. Especially with Sexson being a free agent at the end of the year, no guarantees he's coming back to Arizona-

BB: hurt.

JR: hurt-

BB: You get no production out of him—cause he would have hit 40 or more this year easily

JR: Yes. I mean I was there and saw him hit the 503 foot homer.

BB: Outstanding

JR: It was ridiculous. But, obviously now, especially if they don't resign him, it's pretty obvious that was a bust. But--

BB: Well here's the thing too, nobody knew that Lyle Overbay was gonna hit 350. You knew what you were losing in Counsel. You knew what you were losing in Chad Moeller, a backup catcher…that's--

JR: Look at Chad Moller's stats this year! He's throwing a little bit of power up there, he's been good behind the plate

BB: 236, 2 HR's—he hasn't done sh--

JR: But he's a good solid, defensive catcher who's gonna be able to play in this league for a long time.

BB: I like Robbie Hammock. I like Hammock a lot more than Moeller.

JR: I like Hammock too, but I mean they had—the let Barahas go, and they let Moeller go. They signed Brett Mayne, and now they have this kid up Brito,

BB: He's been solid.

JR: Okay, final analysis.

BB: Shane Nance is the other guy, the D'Backs got. Lefty reliever, garbage ball guy. Nance for Capuano is a push. So it basically comes down to a 4 for 1deal. So now, if you—you're talking $9 million in salary the Brewers are dumping. Six and a half million the D'Backs are moving. The Brewers actually lose salary, gain players and increase performance—the Brewers are laughing all the way to the park. Now that Sexon goes down—the Brewers made the best move, for the same reason that the Dbacks were right to trade Shilling, why they should trade Finely and Johnson. These guys are gonna walk—now Johnson probably won't walk, he'll retire--

JR: Johnson will retire, Finley will probably re-sign

BB: Yeah, cause The Evil Empire will probably take him in, by the trade deadline by the way. But I mean, Richie Sexson is out, he's would have left Milwaukee, there is no viable reason to stay in Milwaukee. You're not gonna win, fans aren't coming out, it's not a sports town like Chicago, LA, Boston--

JR: It's not a major market

BB: Yeah, so they trade Sexson, they get Spivey. Overbay alone right now looks like a good deal for Richie Sexson. Lyle Overbay making 326,000. Richie is making 8 ¾ million! I mean that alone. The Brewers dump salary and you get more people out of it.

JR: Yeah. So Milwaukee is happy with the deal, but should Arizona and their fans have been happy about this deal?

BB: When it first happened, yes. When this first happened, remember, you still had Mantai coming back after Tommy John surgery and you had Jose Valverde who showed so much hope down the stretch last year.

JR: And in addition, Spivey's replacement is Matt Kata, and now Scott Hairston. Both have done very well. Overbay obviously we're getting Sexson back. Moller, you had Robbie Hammock--

BB: You've got Alex Cintron who's going to be a stud. The kid just oozes talent. So, I mean it looks like a great thing, you brought in the offensive first baseman you've been looking for, and the power threat that you never had, with the exception of--

JR: especially from the right side

BB: except for the fluke season where rubber-band Gonzo hit 50 homers, which will never happen again. I'll shave my back if he hits 50 homers again. I'll let you shave my back--

JR: And we'll have that on tape, and we'll be selling tickets, if Gonzo does it again…well, I mean Go Luis!

BB: If Gonzo gets on a run…we should actually show that live on the site, get video feed

JR: oh yeah, we will. Then we'll leave some pictures up.

BB: Nobody knew Sexson was going to get hurt, this guy had never been hurt before, he played every inning of every game in 2003.

JR: The Diamondbacks might have overpaid a little, but at the time it was a good deal. Now…

BB: Now they look like idiots, especially if they don't re-sign Sexson.

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